Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller Guide

May 24, 2019
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Welcome to Big Grill Shop's comprehensive guide on the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller. In this detailed guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about this innovative irrigation controller, its features, installation process, and how it can help you efficiently manage your irrigation system. Say goodbye to manual watering and let technology simplify your gardening tasks!

What is the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller?

The Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller is an advanced device that allows you to control and automate your irrigation system using your smartphone or tablet. With its innovative Bluetooth technology, you can conveniently manage your watering schedule, adjust watering durations, and monitor your system's performance right from the palm of your hand.

Why Choose the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller?

There are several reasons why the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller stands out from the competition:

  • Convenience: With the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller, you no longer need to manually adjust your sprinklers or worry about forgetting to turn them off. You can easily control your irrigation system anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Flexibility: This controller offers various programming options, allowing you to customize your watering schedule according to your specific needs. You can set different zones, adjust watering frequencies, and even create specific programs for different plant types.
  • Water Efficiency: By using the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller, you can ensure optimal water usage. The controller's smart features analyze local weather conditions, soil moisture levels, and plant water requirements to deliver precise and efficient watering. This not only saves water but also promotes healthier plant growth.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Stay informed about your irrigation system's performance through real-time notifications and alerts. Whether there's a leak, a broken sprinkler head, or any other issue, the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller will notify you immediately, allowing you to take quick action and prevent further damage.

Installation and Setup

Installing the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Before installation, ensure that you have a compatible smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth capabilities. Also, make sure your existing irrigation system is functioning properly.
  2. Controller Placement: Choose a suitable location for your controller near a power source and within range of your Wi-Fi network. The controller should be protected from direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions.
  3. Wiring: Disconnect your existing controller from the power source and carefully remove the wires connected to the valves. Connect these wires to the corresponding terminals on the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller.
  4. Power and Network Setup: Plug the controller into a power source and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network following the provided instructions. Download the Hunter app on your smartphone or tablet to begin the setup process.
  5. Configuration: Once connected, the app will guide you through the configuration process. Set up your watering schedule, customize zone settings, and enable notifications to maximize the benefits of the controller.

Optimizing your Irrigation System

To make the most of your Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller, consider the following tips:

  • Integrate Rain Sensors: Enhance water efficiency by adding rain sensors to your irrigation system. These devices detect rainfall and automatically suspend watering when it's not necessary.
  • Regular Maintenance: Inspect your irrigation system regularly for leaks, clogs, or damaged sprinkler heads. Addressing any issues promptly will ensure optimal system performance and water conservation.
  • Smart Scheduling: Take advantage of the controller's smart scheduling features and adjust watering durations based on seasonal changes and weather patterns. This will prevent over or under-watering and promote healthier, more resilient plants.


The Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller is the ideal solution for modernizing and optimizing your irrigation system. Its advanced features, easy installation, and user-friendly app make it a top choice for homeowners and gardening enthusiasts. With its water-efficient capabilities and smart technology, you can save time, money, and resources while enjoying a lush and vibrant landscape.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller today. Shop with Big Grill Shop to find the latest models and start upgrading your irrigation system to the next level!

Brenda Weigt
Great guide! 💦🌱 The Hunter Bluetooth Irrigation Controller seems like a game-changer for managing my garden. Excited to upgrade!
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