8 Crafty and Creative Uses for Tarps You'll Love

Nov 11, 2021

1. Protect Your Grill with a Tarp

When it comes to outdoor cooking, it's essential to keep your grill protected from the elements. A high-quality tarp can shield your grill from rain, wind, and harsh sunlight. Ensure longevity and rust prevention by investing in a durable tarp that fits your grill size perfectly. At Big Grill Shop, we offer a wide range of tarps designed specifically for grills of all shapes and sizes.

2. Create a Temporary Camping Shelter

Going on a camping trip but worried about unpredictable weather conditions? Tarps can come to your rescue! With some ropes and sturdy poles, you can create a makeshift shelter to keep you and your camping gear dry and protected. Whether you need a simple rain cover or a full camping tent alternative, tarps provide versatility and convenience for your outdoor adventures.

3. Build a DIY Carport

Need some extra space to park your vehicles? A tarp can transform into an excellent DIY carport solution. By attaching it to a sturdy frame or using bungee cords to secure it to pillars, you can create a temporary carport that safeguards your vehicles from the elements. This budget-friendly option is perfect for those who need temporary coverage or prefer versatility.

4. Protect Outdoor Furniture

Extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture by using tarps as protective covers. Whether it's a patio set, garden chairs, or a hammock, the right-sized tarp can shield your furniture from rain, dust, and UV rays. Choose a material that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and durable to ensure long-lasting protection for your beloved outdoor pieces.

5. Organize and Cover Firewood

If you're a fan of cozy fires during colder seasons, you know how crucial it is to keep your firewood dry. Tarps are a practical solution for storing and protecting firewood from rain and snow. By creating a proper firewood storage system and covering it with a tarp, you'll ensure your firewood remains dry and readily available throughout the year.

6. Create a Picnic Canopy

Planning a picnic or outdoor gathering? Enhance the comfort of your guests by creating a picnic canopy using tarps. Set up poles or anchor them to trees, attach the tarp securely, and voila! You'll have a shaded area to protect your guests from the sun or shield your food spread from unexpected drizzles.

7. Design a Kids' Play Area

Encourage imaginative play for kids by transforming your backyard into an exciting play area using tarps. With some creativity, you can create play spaces like a tent, a pirate ship sail, or even a splash pad. The versatility of tarps allows you to customize the play area based on your child's interests while providing protection from the elements.

8. Construct a Gardening Shade

For dedicated gardeners, protecting delicate plants from harsh sunlight is essential. Tarps can be used to create a shade structure that helps regulate temperature and protects plants from intense heat. By attaching the tarp to a frame or overhead structure, you can provide shade to your plants during the hottest parts of the day, ensuring healthy growth and preventing sunburn.

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Maintain Versatility and Protection with Tarps

Tarps are more than just sheets of material. With a little creativity and a quality tarp, you can enjoy numerous crafty and creative applications. From protecting your grill and outdoor furniture to providing shelter during camping trips, tarps offer versatility, durability, and convenience. Explore the endless possibilities of tarps and their practical uses at Big Grill Shop, your reliable source for top-notch tarps.