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Aug 6, 2022
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Welcome to Big Grill Shop's page on Barley Straw and Algae Control at Serenity Water Gardens. If you are a water garden enthusiast, you know how maintaining a clean and balanced ecosystem can be a challenging task. Algae growth is a common issue faced by water garden owners, and this is where barley straw comes to the rescue! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how barley straw can effectively control algae and keep your water garden healthy.

Understanding Algae and Its Impact

Algae is a natural component of any aquatic environment. While some algae species are harmless, excessive growth can lead to various problems. Algae overgrowth can deplete oxygen levels, block sunlight, and create an unsightly appearance. It can harm fish, plants, and other beneficial organisms in your water garden.

Why Barley Straw?

Barley straw has long been recognized as a natural, environmentally-friendly solution for algae control. Unlike chemical treatments that may have harmful side effects, barley straw offers a safe and effective way to prevent and control algae growth. The concept behind barley straw lies in releasing certain compounds as it decomposes, which inhibit algae growth and keep your water garden clear and clean.

How Does Barley Straw Work?

When barley straw is placed in your water garden, it undergoes a natural decomposition process. This process releases compounds, such as humic acid and peroxides, which inhibit the growth of algae. The exact mechanism of how these compounds work is still under scientific investigation, but numerous studies and real-world experiences have shown positive results.

Choosing the Right Barley Straw

Now that you understand why barley straw is an excellent choice for algae control let's explore how to choose the right barley straw for your water garden:

1. Source

Ensure you purchase barley straw from a reputable supplier like Big Grill Shop to guarantee its quality and effectiveness. The purity and freshness of the straw can greatly influence its algae-fighting properties.

2. Type of Barley Straw

There are different forms of barley straw available, including loose straw, straw bales, and barley straw extract. Each has its advantages, depending on the size of your water garden and personal preference. Loose straw can be placed directly into the water, while straw bales and barley straw extract can be used in filtration systems or mesh bags.

3. Size and Coverage

Consider the size of your water garden and the coverage required when determining the quantity of barley straw to use. Big Grill Shop offers a range of barley straw products with detailed instructions to help you determine the right amount for your specific needs.

Application and Maintenance

Proper application and ongoing maintenance are crucial for successful algae control using barley straw:

1. Placement

Place the barley straw in your water garden early in the season, ideally before algae growth becomes a significant problem. Ensure it is spread evenly across the water or positioned near a pump or filtration system for optimal circulation.

2. Replace as Needed

Barley straw gradually decomposes over time, releasing the algae-inhibiting compounds. It is recommended to replace the barley straw every six months or as instructed by the specific product guidelines. Regularly monitor your water garden for signs of algae growth.

3. Additional Measures

While barley straw is highly effective, it is beneficial to supplement its use with other preventive measures such as proper filtration systems, regular removal of debris, and adequate sunlight exposure.


Barley straw is a natural and reliable solution for algae control in water gardens. By incorporating barley straw into your maintenance routine, you can enjoy a clean and balanced ecosystem for your aquatic plants and fish. At Big Grill Shop, we offer high-quality barley straw products to help you create a stunning water garden. Take the proactive step towards algae control and browse our selection today!


Q: Is barley straw safe for fish and other aquatic organisms?

A: Yes, barley straw is safe for fish, plants, and other aquatic organisms. Its natural decomposition process does not harm the inhabitants of your water garden. However, it is still important to follow the recommended dosage and replace the straw as needed.

Q: Can barley straw completely eliminate algae?

A: While barley straw is highly effective at controlling algae, its results can vary depending on the water conditions and level of algae infestation. Regular monitoring and maintenance, along with the use of barley straw, can significantly reduce algae growth.

Q: Can I use barley straw in all types of water gardens?

A: Yes, barley straw can be used in various types of water gardens, including ponds, fountains, and water features. The dosage and application method may vary depending on the specific setup of your water garden.

Q: Are there any alternatives to barley straw for algae control?

A: While barley straw is a popular choice, there are other alternatives available for algae control, such as UV clarifiers, beneficial bacteria, and mechanical filtration systems. Consulting with a water garden expert can help you determine the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

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